Fractional CTO

  • Can help with strategy development and project management, product development, vendor selection and team leadership, etc.

Fractional CFO

  • Can help with managing the financial operations of a business to providing financial advice and communicating with investors.

Fractional CIO

  • Can help with developing and implementing technology operations, to managing the IT team and communicating with stakeholders.

Fractional CISO

  • Can help with developing and implementing security strategies, to managing the security team and communicating with stakeholders.

Fractional CRO

  • Can help with developing and implementing revenue strategies, to managing the sales process and analyzing data.

Fractional CPO

  • Can help with developing and implementing product strategies, to managing the product team and communicating with stakeholders.

Fractional CMO

  • Can help with developing and implementing marketing strategies, to managing the marketing team and communicating with stakeholders.

We Have Been There and Done That Before!

Our cadre of experienced entrepreneurial executives have worked with several companies from startup garage operations to Fortune 100 companies. As kindred spirits, we understand your struggles and we can usually help solve your problems in the most economical ways. We provide exceptional value for your money! We have a network of great talent eager to work with companies and individuals with the most potential to be the successful businesses of tomorrow.

  • Fractional CTOs & VPEs
  • Fractional CIOs & CISOs
  • Fractional CMOs & CROs
  • Fractional COOs & CFOs
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Our Team.

Our team has a long history of creating innovative products used by millions around the world!

team people

Saro Saravanan


Previously Chief Strategy Officer, Intuitus Cyber. Head of Engineering, TSA PreCheck. Founder-CTO, $100M 401(K) Startup, Chief Architect, Fidelity Investments.

team people

Ramesh Kumar


Successful Exitpreneur & Maven in Innovation, Deep Tech, eMobility, Energy, Tech Products, and Idea to Exit Programs.

team people

Ramesh Santhanam

Head of Projects

Previously Chief Innovation Officer, IIT Madras Research, VP Ashok Leyland Project Svcs, Head Projects/CEO ALWEL



Businesses of all sizes can use fractional executives. Whether you're a solopreneur, an early-stage business, or a growth-stage business, you can choose a fixed-price plan that suits your budget and needs! Depending on your business cycle, the expertise needed can vary, sometimes month to month - with Cyberviso, unlike our competitors, you get the collective, not just the individual.



Solopreneurs & Pre-Funding Startups

  • Get coaching on everything -- market research, customer segmentation, elevator pitch, customer value proposition, product management, technology, software architecture & development, hiring, etc.
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Early Stage Businesses

  • Seasoned help on your product/market fit, investment deck, business development, partnerships, fundraising, technology, due diligence, operations, cybersecurity, risk management, finances, etc.
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Mid-to-growth Stage Businesses

  • Help in scaling your business from people who've done it before.
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Saro has an excellent grasp of highly technical markets and technology that reflect his depth and knowledge as a chief technology or strategy executive.


Kevin Meagher

Chief Science Officer, The Sun Company

A strategic thinker, a tough negotiator, a leader with the right ideas, Ramesh's contributions continue to impact Synactive years later.


Thomas Ewe

CEO, Synactive, Inc.

Saro has an uncanny ability to visualize simple solutions that leverage complex technology to solve real problems.


Greg Magoon

CFO, IDEMIA North America

Ramesh is a hard working, thoughtful professional who is very focused on results. He is able to collaborate well across different functions and to balance the needs of the customer with the needs of the business. He can be a key contributor to an organization and will focus on the Team's success.


Bill Robbins

Chief Revenue Officer, Mandiant

Saro is a proven savvy and experienced strategic advisor at all levels of our operations.


David Shaw

CEO , Intuitus

Ramesh is a wonderful person to work with. He brings an infectious positive attitude along with a vast amount of experience from start-up to larger entities. His ability to add new ideas, help solve problems quickly and effectively, while staying focused on the larger picture makes it a pleasure to work with him. I firmly believe with his experience and passion for business he can lead and lift any organization to excellence.


Mike Khanna

Cofounder & CEO, Sonasoft Corp.

Saro has fantastic insight into the complexity of systems, the dynamics of functions, the operations of corporations, the evolution of technology, and the needs of customers.


Dennis Kallelis

Chief Security Officer, IDEMIA North America