Why Hire Cyberviso?

Emergent and early-stage businesses in particular could really benefit from the experience, connections, and advice of executives who have succeeded in similar journeys before. Such expertise could span a wide range of needs: technology, product development, fundraising, accounting, business development, customer success, onboarding, business modeling, pitch decks, elevator pitches, and so on.

Emergent businesses also tend to have limited capability to hire high-powered consultants at exorbitant rates.

Many entrepreneurial executives who have succeeded in their startup journeys would love to contribute to the success of others embarking on their journeys.

Cyberviso thoughtfully combines these ideas to offer a mix-and-match fractional executive package through which even the smallest of businesses can tap into the expertise of executives from multiple disciplines for a fixed low predictable cost, often for a lot less than hiring a single full-time executive. A wide range of businesses, from solopreneurs to early-stage to growth-stage companies could benefit from this incredible opportunity that Cyberviso has opened up.

Depending on the options chosen, it can be like having a whole advisory board in your side pocket, helping you achieve tangible goals at a predicable cost and lower risk than otherwise possible.

Of course, if you want to hire for just one discipline, you still have the same high-value options and an extraordinary talent pool to hire from.

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