About Us.

Expert multidisciplinary guidance from our network of experienced C-Suite Executives on demand or on a retainer contract without the full-time commitment and cost.

Communicate Simply and Serve Customers Well

We understand that most executives are not geeks or technologists. They just want a simple way to manage their projects and risks to protect their businesses. We believe in plainspoken communication with our customers. The success of our customers demonstrates our success.


Our Mission

We want to enable small business owners of all sizes to be able to access the executive experience of seasoned professionals who have been there, done that in a way that suits their budgets and is devoid of surprises.


Our Vision

Allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to hire world-class executives on a fractional basis.


Why hire a Fractional CxO?

Emergent and early-stage businesses in particular could really benefit from the experience, connections, and advice of executives who have succeeded in similar journeys before. Such expertise could span a wide range of needs: technology, product development, fundraising, accounting, business development, customer success, onboarding, business modeling, pitch decks, elevator pitches, and so on. Emergent businesses also tend to have limited capability to hire high-powered consultants at exorbitant rates. Many entrepreneurial executives who have succeeded in their startup journeys would love to contribute to the success of others embarking on their journeys. Cyberviso thoughtfully combines these ideas to offer a mix-and-match fractional executive package through which even the smallest of businesses can tap into the expertise of executives from multiple disciplines for a fixed low predictable cost, often for a lot less than hiring a single full-time executive. A wide range of businesses, from solopreneurs to early-stage to growth-stage companies could benefit from this incredible opportunity that Cyberviso has opened up.


Our Team.

Our team has a long history of creating innovative products used by millions around the world!

team people

Saro Saravanan


Previously Chief Strategy Officer, Intuitus Cyber. Head of Engineering, TSA PreCheck. Founder-CTO, $100M 401(K) Startup, Chief Architect, Fidelity Investments.

team people

Ramesh Kumar


Successful Exitpreneur & Maven in Innovation, Deep Tech, eMobility, Energy, Tech Products, and Idea to Exit Programs.

team people

Ramesh Santhanam

Head of Projects

Previously Chief Innovation Officer, IIT Madras Research, VP Ashok Leyland Project Svcs, Head Projects/CEO ALWEL

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